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Professor Aleksandar Ljubić comments on the artist Kristina Varaksina’s image. Natural IVF cycle vs stimulated IVF cycle for a more human-centric approach!

The powerful image of a woman with a baby surrounded by needles, syringes, and medical supplies brings to mind the way today's healthcare system tackles issues of reproduction and IVF.


From both my professional and personal perspectives, I've long been troubled by the pressure women face when it comes to having children. It's not just the expectations from family and society anymore; the medical industry has also turned IVF into a big business.

That's why in this field, we have been trying to have a different approach – going back to nature and using the body's own resources. Over half of our IVF is natural IVF - patients don't use stimulation drugs. Prioritizing a natural IVF cycle vs stimulated IVF cycle embodies a more human-centric approach to fertility treatment, aligning with the body's natural processes and minimizing medical interventions. In our treatments we try to use the patient's own cells and biological therapies whenever possible.

Our goal is to give patients the healthiest treatment possible – not just curing illness but promoting overall well-being. This means involving patients in their treatment and finding balance in both body and mind through nutrition, supplements, and tailored training programs.

As you can see, there IS another way to approach this!


Professor Aleksandar Ljubić



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