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Bio-surgery involves the use of biological therapies to improve the outcomes of surgical treatments. Modern surgery utilizes rapid technological advancements for more successful treatments and reduced complications.

Biological therapies used with the most modern surgical techniques, contribute to:

  • Reduction of bleeding

  • Management of blood loss consequences

  • Decrease in infections

  • Enhanced wound healing

  • Improved tissue and organ recovery post-operation

Among the components frequently utilized in everyday clinical practice during surgery are bio-regenerative fibrin (BRF) and highly concentrated platelet-rich plasma (hcPRP).

Bio-regenerative fibrin is an autologous product obtained from blood plasma through multiple filtrations, concentrating proteins necessary for blood clotting.. As an autologous product, administering BRF does not trigger an inflammatory response, eliminating infection risks. The newly formed fibrin meshwork halts bleeding, reduces blood loss, and decreases the need for allogeneic blood transfusion. If required, bio-regenerative fibrin can be applied to other active surgical bleeding sites.

Highly concentrated platelet-rich plasma is a blood fraction obtained via a specialized closed automated centrifugation process, containing 6 to 8 times higher platelet concentrations compared to whole blood. hcPRP contributes to faster tissue healing and reduces the possibility of fibrosis and granulation formation.

Mesenchymal Stem Cells (mSC)
Stem cells are undifferentiated cells capable of self-renewal and development into various cell types. They represent the most potent cells with regenerative potential. They exert local positive effects on existing stem cells and various other cells, demonstrating diverse effects depending on the target tissue or organ's needs.

The procedure involves several phases:

  • Collection and preparation of autologous hcPRP, BRF, and thrombin activator

  • Bone marrow puncture and aspiration and isolation of BMAC (bone marrow aspirate

    concentrate) rich in mSC

  • Application of prepared autologous activated hcPRP, BRF, or BMAC according to

    surgical requirements.

The primary goal of utilizing biological therapies in surgery is to optimize treatment and significantly reduce serious complications that may arise from surgical procedures.

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