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Biological delivery is a unique method, designed by Ac. Prof. Dr. Ljubić and his team, which includes the application of biological therapies during the birth itself. They apply both to the mother and to the newborn child. Biological therapies in pregnancy and childbirth use products of their own cells, prepared using modern technologies. Bio-delivery is designed to make childbirth safer and reduce maternal and child mortality and disease.

Bio-delivery involves the administration of modified substances from one's blood at different stages of childbirth. The main goal is to reduce the complications that can occur in the mother in natural childbirth or caesarean section (SC). The most common maternal complications are bleeding, infections and impaired healing of injuries and wounds. A child during SC does not pass through the vaginal canal of the mother and does not receive the microbial inoculum of the mother at birth, our goal is to reduce the subsequent occurrence of allergic and skin manifestations, obesity, and autoimmune diseases.

  • BRF:
    Bioregenerative fibrin is an autologous activated product that is obtained from the blood plasma by multiple filtrations during which the proteins necessary for blood clotting are concentrated. BRF is a biodegradable component whose positive effect on the outcomes of surgical procedures is reflected in improving hemostasis, reducing blood loss, and additionally reducing postoperative complications.

  • hcPRP:
    Highly concentrated Platelet-enriched autologous activated plasma is a blood fraction obtained by a special automatised centrifugation process that contains from 6 to 8 times the concentration of platelets compared to full blood. Platelets contain numerous growth factors that support cell proliferation, improve vascularization and exhibit an immunomodulatory effect.

  • Autotransfusion:
    The method of Autotransfusion Intraoperative Blood Salvage is also used for Bio-SC. The patient's blood is collected during childbirth, processed and later re-infused, which further reduces the need for transfusion of other people's blood products.

  • Vaginal coating:
    Vaginal coating involves exposing children born by caesarean section to the vaginal microbiota.. In a child born by cesarean section, the goal is to reduce the subsequent occurrence of allergic and skin manifestations, obesity, and autoimmune diseases.

    In addition to the positive effects of preventive use of bio-birth (reduced blood loss by 25%, reduction of infections and better wound healing), biological regenerative therapies play an important role in addressing urgent and serious, as well as long-term medical complications.

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