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Biological Stimulation of Endometrial Receptivity and Ovary (BISER-O) is a combination of advanced BIOS (biological ovarian stimulation) and advanced BISER (stimulation of endometrial receptivity). In a single procedure the stimulation of ovary and endometrium is achieved. 

BIOS advanced: Bio-IVF Ovarian Stimulation
The basic active principle within BIOS involves the injection of autologous (self-derived) activated growth factors from highly concentrated platelets (hcPRP). Additionally, an important element of BIOS is the use of autologous bio-regenerative fibrin (BRF), which retains activated growth factors in the ovary. During this process, there is a possibility to enhance the effect of stimulants by directly instilling hormonal stimulation—FSH, LH, GH and/or hCG—into the ovary.

Indications: Patients expected to benefit are those who exhibited:

  • a poor response to stimulation and/or fewer obtained cells than expected (< 3-5 cells),

  • decreased cell quality,

  • empty follicle,

  • fertilization failure,

  • embryo development arrest.

BISER advanced: Bio-IVF Endometrial Receptivity Stimulation
Biological therapies utilize various cells such as autologous activated highly concentrated PRP to improve endometrial receptivity. hcPRP can be applied alone or in combination with autologous activated BRF, which retains growth factors locally in the tissue and serves as a matrix. These products play a significant role in intercellular communication and immunomodulation, thereby contributing to the regenerative effect, enhancing endometrial function, and regulating the local intercellular environment.

Indications: Candidates for this program are patients with embryo implantation problems:

  • Recurrent implantation failure

  • Thin endometrium

  • Recurrent miscarriages


  • Blood collection from a vein.

  • Preparation of hcPRP and BRF in a closed automated system.

  • Preparation of thrombin activator.

  • Ultrasonography-guided intraovarian application of prepared autologous activated BRF,

    hcPRP, FSH, FSH/LH, GH and hCG – BIOS advanced

  • Ultrasonography-guided intrauterine sub endometrial application of prepared autologous activated hcPRP, BRF and hCG – BISER Advanced

This intervention is performed under local anaesthesia or analgo-sedation, guided by transvaginal or transabdominal ultrasound control, as a daily procedure (cycle day: 2-4).​

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